I have been serving on the Water’s Edge Condo Board for 17+ years, since the owners took control from Fischer Homes. WE are located in Deerfield Township (mason) and have 194 units in 19 buildings.

I could share many frustrating maintenance stories with you that we have experienced during the early years.

However, thanks to our exceptional management team, we were introduced to Dave Estes (Pro Maintenance) several years ago when he formed his company.

All issues have disappeared. Dave handles all our minor maintenance needs on a weekly contract basis.

We also call upon him and his associates for all special and extraordinary fix up needs.

Their quality of work and attention to detail are exceptional They are very professional and courteous at all times, with management, the Board and most importantly with individual owners when the need arises.

I sincerely recommend them for your consideration.”

August E. DePrez
President Emeritus
Water’s Edge Condominium Association

“It is my pleasure to recommend Pro Maintenance Group (PMG) to be considered as your maintenance provider.

I have been President of our Condominium Owners Association (COA) ever since we chose PMG. Here are the reasons why we chose them:

  1. We wanted our maintenance provider to be totally separated from all financial considerations when our managing agent directed work to them vs. other contractors.
  2. We wanted our maintenance provider to be independent and continue to service our members as out maintenance provider in the event we chose to replace our managing agent (which we did by the way).
  3. We wanted our maintenance provider to have solid references and allied partners from our community here in Cincinnati as well as the recommendation from our closest, trusted association partners, like CAI and our attorney.
  4. We wanted our maintenance provider to have a “deep bench” and be able to handle the wide variety of service needs from complete roofing or complicated pavement refinishing projects to every day service work orders.
  5. We wanted to end the cycle of always choosing the absolute lowest cost provider and move to the best value for our maintenance dollars ie unbiased, professional service done correctly the first time at a fair price.
  6. But most of all, we wanted to have another trusted partner who would give us honest service that we could rely on without hesitation.

If you share some of those same goals as we had, then you should give some serious consideration to Pro Maintenance Group and Dave Estes. We are extremely satisfied with their responsiveness, professionalism and integrity. And yes, that have met every one of our expectations!”

Al Salierno
President, Woodland View COA